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Welcome to NEST Taekwon-do!

This signup form will ask you for some information we require before you begin your membership with us. It should be completed by the student, or their parent / carer if the student is under 16.

It is important that you fill out the form in full, and also that you read our relevant terms and conditions at

If you have any questions, concerns, or require assistance, please speak to your instructor or message our Facebook page directly.
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How did you find out about us?
So we can better promote NEST Taekwon-do, please let us know how you found out about us. E.g. Facebook, friends/family, Newspaper, outdoor demostrations, etc.
Which class will you be attending? *
So we can better promote NEST Taekwon-do, please let us know how you found out about us. E.g. Facebook, friends/family, Newspaper, outdoor demostrations, etc.
Student Details
Please note that unless otherwise arranged, the email address entered here will be used for setting up automated payments and for communication.

If you are a parent / guardian filling out this form for a student, please fill out the student's details but use your own telephone and email address in the relevant sections.
First Name *
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Date of Birth *
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Telephone *
Please enter a phone number that we can contact you on, preferably a mobile number. For parents/guardians please enter your own telephone number.
Email *
This email address will be used to set up online payments. For parents/guardians please enter your own email address.
Medical Information *
Please detail any relevant medical information or disabilities. If none, please enter 'NONE' in the box below.
Emergency Contact
Please indicate the person who should be contacted in case of an emergency. For parents/guardians please enter your own details.
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Policies and Opt-ins
Please take some time to review each of point below, and to read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions that are available at

We highly recommend reading our Terms & Conditions in full, as this outlines your membership and our contract with you.

We have a requirement to share some information with third parties, this is for Licensing, Insurance, Membership, and Payment purposes. We require your consent to do this, however we will be unable to provide services should you choose to not share this information. Full details on this and exactly what we share are in our Privacy Policy.
When you become a member, renew your license, or if we have any medical or health and safety concerns, we will need to share your information with our relevant governing bodies. This includes the United Kingdom Taekwon-do Association (, and the British Taekwon-do Council ( The information shared will include your Name, Address, Telephone, Email, and Date of Birth. This is a requirement for all Taekwon-do students.
Automated Payment System *
We use GoCardless for our automated payment system. Upon processing your student application we will use your email address to send you an invitation link to the service, the email will contain information on how to set up payments. This will be used for membership payments (*) and annual UKTA license fees (**). The GoCardless terms of service are available at *Please note that we only accept membership payments via GoCardless, no cash or alternate payment methods are available. ** UKTA annual license renewal will be taken via GoCardless, we will always give you ample notification of this.
Media Consent *
Occasionally we may take photographs / videos of students taking part in activities at our classes. This material will be used for promoting NEST Taekwon-do and may be published to our social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) or printed material (flyers, posters, banners, etc). Please note that it is the student's responsibility to not partake in photos/videos, or let us know when taking photos that they have not consented to this.
Student Agreement
The following section must be filled out by the Student, or if under 16, a parent / carer.

Please read the declarations below in full, as these are legal obligations we have to make you aware of. Our full T&C's are available at
UKTA Terms
I have watched the Art being taught and I understand that there may be some significant risks in learning Taekwon-Do. I acknowledge that I must always be responsible for safeguarding my own well-being and will therefore never attempt any practices or techniques that I do not fully understand. I confirm that I must always tell my Instructor of any illness or other conditions that may affect the training or well-being of myself or any other person and that currently there are no reasons why I cannot learn Taekwon-Do. I agree to comply with all of the Rules and Regulations of the UK Taekwon-Do Association if I am accepted as a member and as a condition of acceptance I agree not to hold the UK Taekwon-Do Association or any of their Instructors or students liable for any injury that I may sustain whilst practising the Art. The UK Taekwon-Do Association reserve the right to refuse membership without explanation.
Terms & Conditions
By submitting this application for membership you are entering into a contract with NEST, and agreeing to the Terms& Conditions set out in our policies, the full content of which can be accessed at We recommend that this is read in full as this outlines the terms we set for our membership and our contract with you. The same link contains our Privacy Policy, data protection is taken seriously by us as such we outline all data we collect and how we use it. Our Privacy Policy conforms to the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679
Student Agreement
1. I shall take all reasonable precautions to ensure my own safety and the safety of others who may be training in the immediate vicinity when using the training facilities.
2. I shall only use the facility for Taekwon-Do when strictly supervised by the Instructor and as part of an organised school.
3. I shall listen to instructors and volunteers, and follow instruction and safety information at all times.
4. I shall not eat or chew gum in the training hall, and I may consume non-alcoholic drinks providing empty containers are put in the bin.
5. I shall not use any equipment unless under the direct supervision of the Instructor.
6. I shall never misuse Taekwon-do or attempt any practices or techniques outside of the training facility.
7. I understand that NEST Schools and its Instructors / Staff, are not liable for any injury that I may sustain whilst practicing the art.
8. NEST reserves the right to refuse membership without explanation.
Signature *
Please print your full name to complete the sign up. If you are filling out this form for an Under 16 student, then this should be the parent / carer name.
Date *
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