STEM J4G Summer 2019 Coding Camp Availability Form
This is an interest and availability form for Jaclyn's STEM J4G Summer 2019 Coding Camp. The form is not a commitment form as I am trying to gauge interest of the students and parents.

This camp will teach students how to code to hardware using a Microbit microprocessor, work together as a team, and present their final project at the end of the camp to their parents. This camp will not only teach students how to code, but it will also help students learn how to communicate with their teammates as well as presentation skills.

The teams will choose and pick a project to code to the board. This could be a game (tic tac toe, guess the number, etc), temperature sensor, LED display pattern, etc.

Links to the Microbit:

Grade/Age Range:
5th-9th grade, 11-15 years age

Potential Dates:
July 22-27th (1 or 2 day camps)
August 5-10th (1 or 2 day camps)

Potential Times:
1 day camp: 8 hours (including lunch break)
2 day camp: 4 hours per day

Tentative Price Range:
$90-120 per student (including lab supplies)

My house in Saratoga

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Dates to choose from:
July 22-27th
August 5-10th

Times to choose from:
1 day camp: 9am-5pm
2 day camp: 9am-1pm or 1-5pm (days must be chosen back to back with same time slots)

~ July 22, 9am-5pm (1 day camp)
~ July 12-13, 9am-1pm (2 day camp)
~ August 12-13, 1-5pm (2 day camp)
Please specify all available dates/times below:
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