Swan Delta Excursion day EoI, Wednesday 27 November
There is a tradition of having an excursion day in the middle of the Delta conference, to give participants the opportunity to explore the local area and form stronger networks. For Swan Delta, this will occur on Wednesday 27 November. Note that the excursion cost is not included in the conference registration, and will be payable separately to a tour operator.

A selection of possible excursions are listed on the Swan Delta website: swandelta.org/#excursions

Please answer the questions below to help facilitate excursion bookings.
Which excursion(s) are you considering attending on Wednesday 27 November?
If you give permission for us to pass your contact details on to tour provider(s) for the selection(s) above, please enter them below. If you would prefer to make your own arrangements then please contact the tour operator directly by following the links at swandelta.org/#excursions
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