Online Subscriptions 2019-2020
Consult with your Educational Specialist to determine which subscriptions are right for your student.
The minimum requirement for every subscription is ONE HOUR OF USE EVERY WEEK.

Please notify your Educational Specialist immediately if you find your children lose interest and are not using a subscription. If the subscriptions are purchased but not used the entire school risks losing the grant that is attached to them. Thanks for helping us keep our grant.

RETURNING FAMILIES: Please select any NEW Subscriptions as well as any CURRENT Subscriptions that you want to KEEP to avoid your student's accounts being deleted over the summer. We need an accurate count for next year to make sure we get enough licenses. Thank you!

NOT RETURNING? If you would like to continue using your subscriptions until August 1st just fill in the form and check the appropriate box at the bottom of our resource options list on the next page.

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