Help Build a Platform Independent Progressive Web App & Data Analytics platform to help patients find the nearest health facility with open beds, for health facilities to plan better, and for government officials to understand dynamic requirements, rate, size, and location of makeshift facilities needed
As the pressure on the healthcare system increases with the spread of the virus, the ability of hospitals to test and treat patients, arrange medical supplies, and work alongside the government rapidly and dynamically reduces. In such a time, patients may lose vital time in being able to find the nearest established or make-shift healthcare facility to get minimal treatment in time of emergency. Moreover, patients who are not being admitted to hospitals for COVID-19 may not have any location to go for healthcare emergencies. Hence, I thought it was imperative to have a platform independent dynamic web application that helps patients find nearest hospitals with beds, for hospitals to plan better for incoming patients, and understand the expected strain on their supplies, and for government officials to plan the rate at which new makeshift facilities need to be set up and their respective size and location.
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