CVPC Communication & Project Preparation Plan
This form is to help us love each other better by being more coordinated in our efforts to serve the body and the community. Please SUBMIT this form, including any announcements, sign up sheets, flyers, etc., for the purpose of communication with responsible parties. The SECRETARY'S responsibilities(SECTION 1-REQUIRED QUESTIONS) will include the communication of the the event as well as calendar entry and supply orders The POINT PERSON'S responsibilities(Section 2- NOT Required, but may be helpful) are :Event planning, delegating duties, and giving each project team member a copy of the form. After your event, a copy will be kept on file to help the next year’s committee team to properly plan and execute the event. Please note the responsible parties and include contact information if needed. If something does not apply to your event, simply mark “N/A”.
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Please add person's name that will be handling supplies . Use this checklist, and the secretary will order the supplies.
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