RSVP for 3AM Event on the 30/12/2017
The next 3AM is taking place on Saturday, the 30th of December 2017. We organized this 3AM around the question: how can an event bring books to life? Nine participants who were selected via the 3AM open call in Summer 2017 will present their practices to the audience in the shape of performances, workshops, presentations, etc. Every practice is accompanied by a book published by CIRCADIAN for this 3AM event. From 11pm we will have a party hosted by LOCAL PROPHETS crew to celebrate and to play.

Please, RSVP your participation, so we can send you more information about the participation before the event and plan how many people to expect this time.
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Every practice presented at this 3AM will be accompanied by a book published especially to the occasion of 3AM. The practice from the book will come to life during the presentation.

Please, select the practices you would like to participate in during the 3AM event (max 4). If you are unsure what to choose, you can see the books that are to be published for this 3AM on and read about the authors' practices. You can also get the books you're interested in online, so you can learn more about the practices before.

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