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Current UIUC students are exempt from entry fees.
ITG Singles
Remote qualifiers for singles (DL link on event page) - Saturday 10AM
ITG Doubles
Saturday evening
Mods SRT
Sunday noon - You don't want to miss this ;)
ITG Couples
Sunday afternoon to evening. Most people find a partner day of. Matching outfits HIGHLY RECOMMENDED :P
Side Tournaments
Mystery Rhythm Game SRT - Friday evening @ 6PM: Run by Carter Quinlan! Each round, a different rhythm game is set up for contestants to compete in. However, you've probably never seen these weird and wild rhythm games before, so it's anyone's game! No further details will be discussed about what that entails, so come by and find out! Signups are separate from this form, so look in the event page.
Miscellaneous Machines
Along with the three ITG machines being used for tournament, there will be the following arcade machines that will be free to play for those in the ballroom during the entirety of the event:
Pump it Up Prime 2
DDR Extreme Pro
Sound Voltex
Groove Coaster
Jubeat (2 of them)
Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Neo-Geo (which has puzzle games, Metal Slug, and Windjammers)
House of the Dead
Venue fee: $15
Everyone must pay this fee, even if you are not participating in a tournament.
This is due to an increase in the number of machines we have to rent out.

Current UIUC students are exempt from the venue fee.

Please pick up your trainer badge and lanyard at the check-in table.
Though we will accept cash at the event, please pay online if you can. Don't forget to mark "Friends and Family".
If you prefer or require some other method of sending money, please contact Benjamin Tung at, or benjamintung21ATgmailDOTcom
Please send your tournament entry fee + venue fee via Remember to submit the form! *
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