Woodinville High School Cheer Tryouts: Teacher Evaluation
To all Cheer Candidates:
Each candidate must have 3 teacher evaluations from ALL First Semester teachers.

Please send an email to the teachers you're asking to fill out your evaluations. Attach the link to this Teacher Evaluation Google Doc- Kindly ask them to complete. We will follow up with your teachers if we have further questions. Thank you for your honesty and hard work.

To all Teachers:
Thank you for your time in filling out this evaluation. We value your feedback and appreciate your support. For questions please email Danae Klaboe (dklaboe@nsd.org). Your answers are CONFIDENTIAL -so please give your most honest evaluation of each candidate.
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Course Title in which you work with this student *
PLEASE READ: It is the mission of the cheerleading program at Woodinville High School to select athletes who exemplify the highest moral, academic, and athletic standards. We thank you for taking the time to provide an honest evaluation of this candidate. Teachers, please do not communicate with the candidate what you are sharing with us. Reminder, these evaluations are CONFIDENTIAL.
Rating Scale Details:
5 - Excellent, outstanding
4 - Very good, superior
3 - Average, good, could be better
2 - Fair, needs a lot of work, definitely lacking
1 - Poor, inadequate, totally unacceptable
0 - Unattempted
Attendance (tardies, number of absences) *
Capability for leadership / ability to lead others *
Quality of work *
Dependability and Responsibility *
Self-discipline and Motivation *
General attitude and disposition (text-messaging, sleeping, inappropriate comments, and displays of disrespect) *
Ability to accept constructive criticism *
Honesty and Integrity *
Ability to work well in groups and with a variety of students/ teammates *
Works effectively with minimal support *
Manages stress well *
Understands how to balance schedule *
Humility *
Would this person be a good representative of Woodinville High School? Why or why not? *
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