2018-2019 AEA Ogemaw Parent Survey
Dear Parent or Guardian,
Why survey? Because your feedback give us important perspective about what's working, or not working, for your student. So please, be honest. Your answers will be kept anonymous, and they will help us improve teaching and learning for your child and all AEA students.

Please answer the following items thinking about the student you have enrolled at AEA. There is space at the end for additional comments. Sincere thanks.

What grade is your student in? *
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Which learning lab does your student attend? *
I know how to contact my student's teacher(s) *
I am satisfied with the response I get when I contact AEA with questions or concerns *
I feel welcome at the Academy *
I am treated with respect at the Academy *
Adults at the AEA treat my student with respect *
My student has been bullied at the Academy *
My student feels safe going to and from the Academy *
The Academy is clean and maintained *
The AEA communicates with me in a manner that is clear and timely *
I have access to the AEA Parent/Student Handbook
The AEA gives me information about how I can help my student be successful in school *
The AEA gives me information about what my student is expected to do or learn *
The AEA does a good job of letting me know about school rules and policies *
The AEA lets me know about meetings and special events *
The AEA encourages me to be involved in my student's schooling *
The Academy contacts me by phone, letter, or email about my student's achievements and successes *
My student's school provides me with feedback about my student's progress *
The Academy contacts me if my student is struggling academically *
The Academy contacts me if my student misbehaves or breaks school rules *
I ask about my student's school work *
I check or monitor my student's school work *
I help my student with his or her work *
I encourage my student to read *
The AEA has high expectations for my student's learning *
The AEA meets the specific academic needs of my student *
The AEA meets the specific non-academic needs of my student (for example: social, emotional, behavioral...) *
Teachers at the AEA encourage my student to work hard *
Teachers at the AEA give helpful feedback about my student *
I am pleased with the quality of education AEA is providing for my student *
Are there any classes, programs, or services that we do not offer at the AEA that you would like to see us offer? *
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I see evidence that my student is learning and growing *
If you have additional feedback you would like to give us, please write it hear. Thank you for your time and thought!
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