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Thank you for your interest in Seismic Outreach. The 2016-2017 Program is currently full. If you would like to be considered for the following year, please fill out this form and we will gladly add you to our records.
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Do you consider your school to have a majority of underrepresented minorities? If so, what percentage of students are classified as an underrepresented minority?
How many students do you plan to have participate?
What grade are your students in?
Are you implementing Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) this year?
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What do you hope to gain from participating in Seismic Outreach?
Seismic Outreach, in partnership with others, has developed some curriculum that helps teachers scaffold the material in the classroom when our volunteers are not there. Are you interested in learning about this curriculum and would be willing to implement it in your classroom?
Are you willing to share the field trip day with another school?
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