The State of the Roller Derby
I've been involved in roller derby for 10 years. As a skater, league president, business owner, fan & volunteer.

The growth and development of the sport has fascinated me. And so much has changed in such a short time!

The aim of this survey is to take a snapshot of the sport and community at this moment in time.

The questions were crowd-sourced from the community - so there are a lot of them! (Apparently we all want to know different things about our sport!?) But I hope you will take the time to go through them - the more data we have the better!

The results of the survey will be collated and posted online. Hopefully the information will help move the sport forward in a continued positive, collaborative direction. Cos it's pretty awesome! But I bet we can make it even MORE awesome!

Later Skaters! Luludemon
Owner - Pivotstar Apparel & Uniforms, Skater - Terminal City Rollergirls

*The legal stuff - all entries are anonymous. You do NOT have to enter your email address (although you could win Pivotstar swag if you do). If you are so kind to leave your email address, we promise not to sell your identity to random Nigerian princes or bombard you with emails selling paper clips.

Where do you live?
Other Country not listed
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What are you? Please choose the ONE that most accurately describes you at this moment.
What year did you join roller derby?
What year did you retire from roller derby (if you were previously an official/skater)?
Have you ever taken a "derby break"? If so, for how long? Years only - that one week you took off last summer doesn't count!
What age are you?
What is your average annual income?
Your answer
What is your marital status and family situation?
How much do you spend on roller derby gear/travel/dues in an average year?
Have you ever taken time off work for roller derby? If so how many days in an average calendar year?
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What is/was the name of your league? No abbreviations please!
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What year was your league founded?
What month of the year does your season start?
Do you take an off season? If YES please enter the months below. (Note: The two weeks you take off at Christmas does not count!)
Your answer
How many teams does your league have? Include all house, A & B, travel, rec, junior teams that skate together on a regular basis.
How many active skaters does your league have right now? (not including officials)
How many on skates officials does your league have right now?
How many off skates officials does your league have right now?
Has your league grown in the last 3 years?
Has your league shrunk in the last 3 years?
How many new skaters joined your league last year? And are still skating.
How many skaters left your league last year? eg. retirements.
What was the main reason for people leaving the league? Pick the TOP one.
What type of league are you? Pick One only
What type of teams do you have? Pick all that apply
Do you have a junior team/league in your city/area?
What type of teams do you play on right now?
Is your league a Non Profit or a For Profit
What type of roller derby does your league play?
Does your league host public bouts?
How close is your nearest league?
If you host bouts, what is your average fan attendance?
Has your fan attendance
Does your league have paid positions? If so, what department/position are they in?
Your answer
How much do you pay in monthly dues? Skaters only.
Where do you practice? (pick all that apply)
Do you have other roller skating activities in your area? (pick all that apply)
Does your league give stipends to your travel team?
Where does your league make the MOST money? Pick one only
What is your TOP league priority right now? Pick one only
Does your league have a concussion protocol?
How do you recruit and train new skaters?
Your answer
How do you recruit and train new officials?
Your answer
How do you keep people in your league for the long term?
Your answer
What do you think your league needs to succeed?
Your answer
What do YOU want from roller derby?
Your answer
What do you LOVE about roller derby as a sport and a community?
Your answer
What do you think needs to change/continue for the sport to grow and thrive for the next 10 - 20 years?
Your answer
What would keep you playing roller derby or officiating/volunteering for roller derby for the next 10 - 20 years?
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