CavePvP Staff Application
Apply for Chat-Mod or Trial-Mod (Make sure you select the right one when applying)

If you do not receive a response within 2 weeks consider yourself denied.
Age Requirement: 16+
Email *
In Game Name *
Age *
Language(s) *
Please only select languages you speak fluently. English is a mandatory requirement.
Region *
What rank are you applying for? *
Telegram *
This is how you will be contacted if you pass the first part of the interview. If you do not have telegram, please download it here: Make sure you have an " @ " and provide it below.
Discord ID *
We use discord for all of our staff chats and communication. If you do not have discord, you can get it here:
Previous Staffing Experience? If none, leave blank.
How active can you be on each day? *
If you are selected for an interview in TS, you will be held up to the hours that you select in this application, so be reasonable and honest!
Can any existing Cave staff members vouch for you? If none, leave blank.
If there is, then put down their in game name. This means that they think you would become a good staff member, and not that they "know" you.
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