Evaluation and Future of European Youth Work Academy
Dear participants, partners and others, CET Platform is working on continuation of European Youth Work Academy. We would like to ask you for feedback regarding this project. Therefore, if you are representative of partner organization or you are participant or if you on any other way took part in EYWA in 2015-2016 please answer following question by 01/07/2016. Questionary is anonymous and it takes up to 5 minutes to compete it.
I was
Best about EYWA project is:
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In future implementation of EYWA I would change/improve:
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Taking part/getting in touch with EYWA provided to me:
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EYWA was important for my professional development as youth worker (1-not at all, 5 very important):
EYWA was important for development of my organisation (1-not at all, 5 very important):
EYWA was important for partnership and networking (1-not at all, 5 very important):
Other comment:
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