Justice Group Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in hosting a booth at the 2020 Black August in the Park. Through hosting justice booths, Black August in the Park aims to provide organizations with a platform to engage new audiences and build capacity. Selected organizations will be asked to complete the following to secure space at this year's event:

1. Pay a $50 tabling fee OR a commitment of 5 volunteer hours from members of your organization

2. A short quote that we can use for signage for your organization

3. Schedule a phone call or in person meeting to co-design your organization's engagement activity for the 10x15 space assigned to your group

4. Send only Black representatives from your organization to work your booth at the event

5. Set up on August 29, 2020 at Durham Central Park (501 Foster Street Durham, NC 27701) from 2 pm - 4 pm- one 6 ft table and two chairs will be provided
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