Test poziomujący z języka angielskiego
1. Test składa się z 95 pytań.
2. Test pozwala określić orientacyjny poziom znajomości j. angielskiego od A1 do B2.
3. Pytania ułożone są od najłatwiejszych do najtrudniejszych.
4. Nie ma konieczności odpowiadania na wszystkie pytania.
5. Konieczne jest podanie imienia, nazwiska, numeru telefonu oraz adresu e-mail.
6. Zgodność odpowiedzi wyświetlana jest zaraz po ukończeniu. Możesz samemu wyliczyć swój wynik (ilość poprawnych odpowiedzi) albo napisać do nas, a obliczymy Twój wynik za Ciebie i wyślemy w ciągu 3 dni roboczych.
7. Poziom znajomości j. angielskiego możliwy jest do określenia na podstawie poniższej legendy:

0-25 A1
26-50 A2
51-70 B1
71-95 B2 Advanced

8. Rozwiązanie testu nie jest równoznaczne ze zgłoszeniem się na kurs. W celu zapisu na zajęcia prosimy o kontakt telefoniczny lub email w celu otrzymania karty zgłoszenia.
9. W razie pytań lub wątpliwości, prosimy o kontakt: biuro@sitraxecole.eu lub +48 669 751 200
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1. _____ name is Helen.
2. They ______ from Italy.
3. ______are you from?
4. What do you do? I'm ________ student.
5. Joseph _____ at five o’clock.
6. _____ you like this movie?
7. We _____ live in a house. we moved in a flat.
8. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,_______
9. ______she work here?
10. Have you _____a pet?
11. we don’t have _____ milk.
12. ______ some money here.
13. We _______ got a parking place
14. Those pants are very_____
15. Have you got a pen? Yes, I _____.
16. It is a crowded, _____city.
17. We_____ at the park yesterday.
18. I ______ here for a while ago.
19. I didn’t ______ gloves.
20. The bank was _____ busy.
21. Do you prefer the blue______?
22. she _______ to Mexico on vacation.
23. Yesterday was the ______ of March
24. I ______ play Golf at the weekend.
25. she______ in a sofa at the moment.
26. My sister is older _____ me.
27. her house is _____ most beautiful in the neighborhood.
28. she is the ______ interesting of the contest.
29. the phone’s ringing: _______answer it.
30. Do they ______ Opera or modern music?
31. I have _______lunch.
32. I’ve never met a famous person________.
33. The _______ have seen it before.
34. _______ is a very good and relaxing hobby.
35. Has she ever ______on the caribbean holiday?
36. We can’t ______ another language unfortunately.
37. I ______ pay for the flight ticket.
38. Jhon_______to the Barber shop every 2 weeks.
39. Sara and my wife ________ Beach volleyball now.
40. They haven’t got _______ birthday present.
41. _____i go to the park now? No!, do the laundry first.
42. I’d like a _______ of orange juice, please.
43. Laura is ______ than me.
44. there is a blue Jeep in the next corner_______ Jeep belongs to my cousin.
45. ______ your jumper. It’s a bit too hot.
46. My new flat has central ______ so it’s really warm.
47. when you give somebody something, e.g a drink, you say ‘’_______’’
48. _______ to my party this weekend?
49. _______ has ever treated me like this before.
50. I love this song. ______ do I.
51. We are going _____ in Colombia next month.
52. This is the Disco ______ we came last Saturday.
53. Have you ever ______ in a concert?
54. I feel ______ when i’m with you than being alone.
55. It looks _____ than what i though.
56. would you show me the way _______?
57. Do you know what________?
58. Were they ______ to get there on time?
59. For our own safety we_____wear a seatbelt in the car .
60. She has lived in this city______ four years.
61. I _____ work in that Shopping Center.
62. If i’m not wrong, _______ rain tomorrow.
63. She ______ like her sister.
64. ______ does your father look like?
65. We’ve got_______many disagreements.
66. If we get up earlier, _______ the train.
67. He ______ to move on to another city.
68. I’m studying ______ to pass the exam.
69. We’re writing _______ ask you to explain.
70. They were saying that most of the problems_____ by teenagers.
71. Where _______ to go on the weekends?
72. Baseball ______ in many countries.
73. We were _______principal gate.
74. I ________ dinner when you called.
75. Is your health ______ better?
76. She could play the piano______ she could walk.
77. There was a bad weather and the flight was cancelled, so we _____.
78. The problem was ______solved.
79. we had a traffic jam but i ______ get home.
80. I had not _______ watched the sports.
81. We arrived at the station, but the train _____ earlier.
82. I ________ English for two and half year before i went to europe.
83. If i _____ enough money, i’d buy a house.
84. it ______ correctly.
85. If you had been ______ , we wouldn’t have had this accident.
86. It______ be possible some time in the future.
87. Football sports then _______having more spectators.
88. I ______ to cook earlier than expected.
89. They ______ an old picture of the place.
90. We ______ we had been able to meet her.
91. She’ll has taken her exams _____ this time next month.
92. I don’t think thigs will go well in my work ______ try harder.
93. Which ingredients did you use to me _____ a good meal?
94. She ______ to drive me home when finish working.
95. They _____heard us coming, we were making too much noise.
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