Magic City Seams Jr - Student Application (Spring 2019)

Magic City Seams Jr (MCS Jr) is a program of Bib & Tucker Sew-Op; it is an expansion of Bib & Tucker’s Magic City Seams, which trains adults in key aspects of soft-goods manufacturing.

MCS Jr is a free program that will introduce high school students to the fields of graphic, product, fashion and textile design. With emphasis placed on 4-year colleges, and with diminished electives in public schools, many students are not aware of potential career paths in the commercial and applied arts. During our 8 week course, students will design an upcycled garment and learn how to use and maintain a sewing machine and serger. Prior to each practical training session, guests working in the associated fields will give brief lectures on their craft, process and educational background.

The program is open to any high school student in the Birmingham area, currently in 9-12 grade and we will select up to 10 participants. Sessions will begin March 7th and end April 25th. Magic City Seams Jr is led by Sonya Muhammad as head instructor. This course will familiarize students with the use of a sewing machine and the tools and techniques of the trade. The course will culminate in a final presentation of the students' work at a location to be determined.

MCS Jr is funded by a grant from the Alabama State Council of the Arts’ and aligns with ASCA’s goals of excellence and professionalism (it introduces high school students to the fields of graphic, product, fashion and textile design through the lens of professionals working in these industries); arts education (over the course of 8 weeks, students are introduced to applied arts concepts while also learning workforce skills); and economic vitality (students of the Jr program meet trainees who are working with designers to produce their products, thus they are introduced to the ways in which this work can support a household).

Interested students must complete the MCS Jr application online or must mail a paper version to Bib & Tucker Sew-Op by February 22, 2019. Applicants will be notified on Monday February 25th on whether they have been accepted into the program and all Magic City Seams Jr. participants are required to attend a program orientation on Sunday March 3rd. For more information, email or call (205) 386-0575.

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Bib & Tucker Sew-Op is located in Crestwood North at 4915 5th Ave S, 35222. Magic City Seams will meet after school and occasionally on some Sundays. Will you have transportation? *
To complete the application, please have your parent or guardian email ( or call (205) 386-0575 in order to enroll you in the next portion of the application process. In the space provided below, please type your full name. By typing your name, you are confirming that everything in this application is accurate to the best of your knowledge. IF YOU HAVE PORTFOLIO IMAGES YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE (up to 5 images), PLEASE EMAIL THEM TO THE ABOVE ADDRESS WITH THE SUBJECT: "MCS Jr - YOUR NAME" *
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