"Voices of the world". Participation conditions
Due to limited capacity in choosing participants, we ask you to become acquainted with the following mandatory conditions:

1. By January 2020 you have to be from 18 to 25 years old.
2. You have to be able to speak English at least on Elementary level.
3. You have to be ready to take two eight day trips - at the second half of February 2020 (to Russia, Moscow region) and at the second half of July 2020 (to Germany, Berlin).
4. Please remember that the project team is a space free of LGBTQI+ phobia, sexism, racism, nationalism, agism, xenophobia, religious intolerance and other ways of disrespect for the human dignity.

While selecting participants, apart from the mandatory conditions, the organizers will also consider motivational involvement as well as activist experience (in any field) or human rights work. This experience is not obligatory, but could increase your chances of ending up as a participant.
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