FBFC Board of Directors Application
To apply as a candidate for the FBFC Board of Directors, you'll need to read and determine you meet the requirements. Please contact ashley.see@fbfcboard.org should you face any barriers to applying or membership.

Each FBFC Board Member must:

● Be 21 years of age or older.
● Be an owner in good standing as of Oct. 7, 2020.
In order to serve, all board members must:

● Attend at least nine monthly board meetings per year (third Thursday of each month, 5:30-8 pm), board retreats (1-2 weekend days per year), the annual meeting for owners in late spring, as well as occasional co-op events and special meetings scheduled on short notice as needed (these are rare).

● Have frequent, reliable access to phone and e­mail to read and respond to emails between meetings.

● Read and study co­-op bylaws, policies, articles of incorporation, industry articles, information on the board's governance model, and other co-­op related material.

● Serve on, and possibly chair, a board committee.

● Commit to a term of three years.

● Work cooperatively with other board members to monitor, evaluate, and consult with the general manager within the decision-making process of the board.

● Uphold the duty of loyalty by disclosing potential conflicts of interest, not compete with the cooperative, and honor confidentiality.
Are you a current FBFC owner? *
Applicants who are not current FBFC owners will not be turned away.
Do you understand and meet the qualifications and requirements to serve as a board member at the French Broad Food Co-op? *
If you select "no," please send ashley.see@fbfcboard.org a follow-up email to help resolve anything that's unclear or identify an obstacle in selecting "yes."
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