RSA 2023-24 Family Application
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What age group will your child(ren) be in for 2023-24 (as of Sept 15, 2023)
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6-9 years
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How did you find out about Renaissance School of the Arts?
Do you have certification or training in CPR or first aid, or other medical training that may be helpful to RSA's community? *
If you would be interested in being called as a substitute, to fill in for an absent instructor (this may be last minute or otherwise short notice), please briefly describe which type of classes you feel qualified to help with, and your training background/experience.
Is there anything else you would like us to know about your family?
I understand that by submitting this application, I am requesting membership in Renaissance School of the Arts. I have read RSA's Member Handbook, and I agree that all members of my family will follow the RSA Code of Conduct while attending RSA. I understand that RSA is an inclusive co-operative group, and that once accepted to RSA, I will need to pay the annual registration fee and sign up to fulfill a volunteer position.  
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