English Education in Japanese High Schools
This is a survey for ALTs who experienced teaching English in a Japanese High School. I will use this data for my graduation dissertation. There are only 11 questions and it takes only a few minutes to complete it.
1. How many years have you taught (did you teach) English in a Japanese high school as an ALT? (We only plan to survey ALTs - thanks!)
2. What have you taught in school? (Check all that apply)
3. The current Japanese curriculum helps Japanese students to communicate in English.
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
4. Please evaluate students' motivation to learn English for entrance exams?
5. Please evaluate students' motivation for learning practical English?
6. How satisfied are you with the current English curriculum in Japanese high schools?
7. Please evaluate Japanese English classes compared with your experience learning a 2nd language.
Your answer
8. Do you have any ideas to encourage SPEAKING ability in classes?
Your answer
9. What percent do you think drama-related activities are useful to learn Speaking Skills?
10. Please evaluate each of these language learning activities in order of effectiveness.
Good way
So-so way
Not so good
Singing English Songs
Writing Stories
Watching American TV shows
Doing drama activities
Memorizing vocabulary
Studying grammar rules
Online chat with English speakers
11. Please check skills that students learn through drama-related activities. (Choose all that apply)
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