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Thank you for wanting to join the TransParent bi-monthly group! Please respond to all prompts below to receive digital and in-person meeting information! 

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Group Expectations

Conversations in TransParent tend to be vulnerable and confidential. We expect you to not share what is talked about outside of the meeting unless it is vocalized that you may share that information. Any group resource may be shared. 

Please allow space for yourself and others to share experiences. Everyone deserves to share their thoughts and experiences, so please try your best to be mindful of time and energy when sharing. 

Have an open mind! Although there naturally are many shared experiences and opinions, there will always be differences in the way other people live, think, etc. Please be open and respectful when listening and sharing.

If you do not agree to group expectations please do not attend TransParent until you have been approved to join by a facilitator. Please email if you have any questions.
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