Bride Disrupted: Wedding Submission
We love writing about unconventional weddings, and how you decided what was really important for your wedding day. Bride Disrupted is all about inspiring couples to do things their way, and not get caught up trying to follow the "wedding rules". By sharing lots of stories we hope that other brides can feel liberated and inspired to do things in a way that truly resonates with them.
What are you and your spouses’ first names? We'll use these in the post.
Tell us about your story; how you met or your proposal story. Just a couple of sentences so we can get to know you :)
How did your wedding planning process unfold? e.g. "When we began the process of planning our wedding, we noticed that…" "Throughout the process of planning our wedding we felt as though…"
Describe your wedding. What were the highlights?
What were the biggest challenges you came across during your wedding planning? How did you overcome them?
How did you decide what was really important? How did you make sure that the wedding felt like YOU (the two of you)?
If you could give one piece of advice to couples currently planning an unconventional wedding, what would it be?
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