One of our main goals as a PTA is to sponsor events and activities that are enriching and
fun for our children. We want to put our hard-earned fundraising dollars toward programs
that P.S.41 families feel are beneficial to our school community. Please let us know your
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1. What are you 3 favorite events to attend at school (day or evening)?
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2. Are there school events that you would like to attend, but are unable to? *
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3. If so, how could we accommodate you better? (i.e. change the time of day or the dayof the week, offer babysitting, offer dinner etc…)
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4. Which event or fundraiser at school would you do away with and why?
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5. What future event or fundraiser would you most like to see held at school?
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6. Do you have any suggestions, new ideas, or comments you would like to share?
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