Arts Management Internship Evaluation
College of Charleston Arts Management Program
Student's Name
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Supervisor's Name and Title
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Supervisor's Organization
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Please rate your satisfaction level with each of the following statements regarding the intern's performance, attitudes, and abilities.
Very Good
Quality of Student's Work
Quantity of Student's Work
Accuracy of Student's Work
Dependability of Student
Student's attitude toward internship
Student's attitude toward organization
Student's relationship with co-workers
Student's relationship with supervisor
Student's reaction to constructive criticism
Student's initiative
Student's creativity
Student's ability to learn new tasks
Student's ability to work under stress
Student's organizational skills
Student's oral communication skills
Student's writing skills
For the following section, please evaluate your intern with the most appropriate response related to any problem areas:
Inadequate Technical Skills
Lack of Previous Experience
Personality Conflicts
Unauthorized Absences
Late Arrivals/Early Departures
Inappropriate Appearance
How effective was the intern in meeting the needs of your organization?
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In what areas did the intern show the most growth?
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In what areas did the intern need to improve most?
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What overall grade would you give for the intern's performance?
Do you have any suggestions of ways the Arts Management Program could have improved the internship experience for the student?
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Feel free to leave any additional comments about the intern or overall experience here.
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