Welcome to Å Cappella Choir Camp in Åland 2016

Please out the application of interest so that we can contact you.. For information about the contents of this event please go to www.therealgroupacademy.se. For further questions please contact caroline@therealgroup.se.

Fees (inc tax):

Å Cappella Camp 11-13th of August (departure morning 14th): 1100 SEK inc VAT per participating singer, or a maximum of 27500 SEK inc VAT per choir. The fee includes workshops, concerts, party. The fee does not include any costs for travels, meals or accomodation.

Please note that this years camp is designed for choirs rather than smaller vocal groups. If you are a smaller group that wish to attend, please send a request to caroline@therealgroup.se and we will consider the possibilities and get back to you.