Technology Survey - Main Prep Academy
In order to apply for various federal grants, we are gathering a bit of information from our student families. Rest assured, we are still planning on providing devices for the next school year and beyond. Thanks for your support!
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Does every school-age child in your home have access to their own computer (laptop/tablet) so they can participate in remote learning and/or completing homework all at the same time?  (Do not consider any school-provided computers). *
Do you have internet access in your home that is sufficient to allow each school-age child to simultaneously participate in online classes with video?  (Do not consider any school-provided internet access)   *
Are you financially able to provide technology & internet access at a sufficient level that allows your scholars to access and complete school related tasks at home? (Do not consider any school-provided device or internet access) *
Name of Person Completing Survey (First & Last Name) *
Name of Scholar attending A+ Arts Academy (List all scholars you have at A+ school using additional spots below) *
2nd Scholar Attending A+ Arts Academy(First & Last Name)
3rd Scholar Attending A+ Arts Academy(First & Last Name)
What grade level are your scholar(s) in? (Select all that apply) *
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