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Please fill out the information below and give us up to two weeks to respond. Keeping LUMA a safe and secure space for our members is important to us. Your answers will help ensure that and will not be shared. If you have any questions, please email us at You can read more about the LUMA program at .
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LUMA is for those that self-identify as women. How do you self-identify? *
LUMA is for women who self-identify as Black/Indigenous/Latinx. How do you self-identify? *
LUMA is for graduate students, postdocs, faculty, and research scientists. Please note your academic position. *
LUMA is for astronomers, physicists, and planetary scientists (including Earth scientists). Please note your academic field. *
Please list a website that can be used to discern your professional affiliation. This can be a personal website hosted by an academic/scientific institution or a department website page that lists you as a member. *
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