OBO Cat Information Submission Form
Please note: owner or temporary care giver is responsible for providing the following information regarding the cat(s) to the best of your knowledge. You are also expected to follow up with potential adopters within 24 hours, communicate with CCR about the current status of the cat(s), and promptly inform CCR when the cat(s) is adopted.
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We need a bio about your cat. Try to be creative but honest. Be honest but not overwhelmingly so - so that the potential adopter gets scared away thinking your cat is a project. It helps potential adopters to know what kind of household your cat will fit in. Does he/she get along with other pets? What about kids? Is he/she an inside-only cat or indoor/outdoor? Is there any medical or behavioral issue that needs to be addressed? “Accentuate the positive” – dwell on the good points. You must have had a good reason adopting the cat in the first place. And yet another good reason why you have to let him/her go. Tell us the full story. This makes people more willing to help.
Pictures: *
Take GOOD pictures of your cat. We need at least (3) pictures with one of them a face shot with the cat’s eyes open and clear. Pictures to submit should be large and high-resolution. Remember, the better the pictures are, the more likely people will be interested.
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