BlackHoodie @GreHack 2020 Registration
BlackHoodie is coming to Grenoble !
The event will take place on November 19, hopefully at Grenoble's University.

Please only register if you plan on attending the on-site event. We'll open more spots if we end up doing it remotely :)

More info here:

## What is BlackHoodie?
BlackHoodie is a series of free, women-only reverse engineering bootcamps, which started in 2015 and in 2018 slowly became a global initiative, with events happening in different locations in Europe and the United States. More information on the idea of BlackHoodie and upcoming events can be found at

## Agenda
You can choose one track between:
- Red vs Blue: Dissecting a killchain from both perspectives
Trainers: Emilie Denis and Juliette Chapalain
Level: Beginner friendly

- Reverse a malware 101
Trainer: Ponpon (Marion Lafon) from TEHTRIS
Level: Beginner friendly

- Introduction to Windows Kernel: Let’s Keylog all the Things!
Trainer: Gaby
Level: Advanced

### Webapp pentest 101
Trainer: Claire
Level: Beginner friendly

## Precautions regarding COVID
Some special precautions will be taken because of COVID.
- Masks covering mouth and nose will be mandatory throughout the event
- Masks should be changed at the middle of the day (we will provide some masks for those who need it)
- Before entering a room, everyone is expected to wash hands, we will provide hydroalcoholic gel
- An empty space between attendees will be left so that we respect physical distancing
- We are not allowed to serve food, or share food at a buffet. We're currently working on a solution for individual meals
- For your travel and accommodation, we recommend buying cancellation options for two reasons:
- if you feel sick, please let us know and ... please don't come!
- if the general situation gets worse, we will need to cancel the event (and make it a remote edition)

Be prepared for a challenge and happy hacking!
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