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* We provide online Information Security training in Hindi, English, Spanish and Portuguese
* Training available at 6000 INR (in India) & 100 USD (outside India) & Duration: 45 Days
* Here are our training modules:!Ah6mcJeP80hdgRcEE-HkUl45GL7_
* Training schedule:
Who should compulsorily take it?
* Splunk is one of the top tools for Security Information and Event Management.
* you will be ahead of your peers and can apply for the best jobs in the enterprise security domain.
How to get demo & training details?
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Who should take up the Splunk SIEM Security training course?
* L1/L2 SOC Analysts
* Blue team security professionals
* Entry-level cyber security professionals
* Anyone who wants to become a SOC Analyst
* Network and Security Administrators, Network and Security Engineers, Network Defense Analyst, Network Defense Technicians, Network Security Specialist, Network Security Operator, and any security professional handling network security operations
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