CS 451 Quiz 6
Regularization, Numpy
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To address overfitting, one can (check all that apply) *
The regularization term affects all parameters except theta_0 *
In the regularized cost function, the parameter lambda controls the weight of the regularization term. What happens if lambda is very large? *
Regularization means *
An algorithm that does overfitting has *
An algorithm that does overfitting *
Once we add a regularization term to linear regression we can only use gradient descent for minimization, since there is no normal equation for an analytical solution *
We can use regularization only with linear regression, not with logistic regression *
What would the following numpy code be in Octave? *
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Suppose N is a 3x3 numpy array and M is a 3x3 Octave matrix. What would the expression N[1][0] be in Octave? *
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