WestGrid Seminar Series 2013 Evaluation Form
Please take a few moments to fill out this evaluation of the WestGrid Seminar Series session you attended and your WestGrid account will be entered into a draw for priority access to computing cycles on WestGrid systems for one month*. If you don’t have a WestGrid account, you will be entered to win a $10 Apple Store gift certificate.

*Please Note: The "priority access" on WestGrid systems for one month prize will only be available to registered WestGrid users who have used WestGrid systems at some point over the last six months. We will confirm this information in the CCDB.
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This year, the seminars have been shortened from 60 minutes to 30 minutes (leaving the last 30 minutes for local networking). Please rate your satisfaction with the shorter length of seminar:
Did you stay after the presentation to speak with the local site lead and/or other members of the research community?
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