Flourishing Beyond Belief Retreats
Are you someone who thinks deeply and cares deeply about the world and your place in it?

Is your religious tradition no longer meaningful or true for you?

Want to connect with other earnest people who share your values?

Flourishing Beyond Belief Retreats may be the avenue... We are building a community of people who want to grow in wisdom. People who know they only have one precious life to live. People who want to feel engaged, enlivened, and enriched by every experience that unfolds.

Please take a minute to tell us about yourself and what would inspire you to take a leap of faith to attend a retreat!

*Please note: These questions may be triggers. Please stop the survey and get professional support if you are in distress.

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How long ago did you lose faith in your religious tradition? *
What factors make it hard to grieve honestly and openly about the loss of faith?
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Losing our faith affects our hearts, minds, and bodies and our entire worldview. Given that's true, how interested are you in these topics?
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Pleasure, Purpose, & Possibility
Deepening Relationships
Wisdom in Old & New Worldviews
Happiness & Humanism
Parenting Beyond Belief
Grieving Without God
Worthy Without God: Overcoming Shame & Embracing Humanity
Identity: Clarifying Values & Finding New Meaning
Re-thinking Sex & Sensuality
Self-Awareness, Self-Compassion, and Self-Care
Theories of Wellbeing (Applied Positive Psychology)
Healthy Lifestyles: Mind, Body, Spirit Integration
What best describes your status? (Select as many that apply.)
Comments: What emotions and/or topics are you wrestling with most?
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