VUE Beta Tester Pre-Qualifying Questionnaire
Are you over 18 years old? *
Are you a registered medical cannabis patient in your state? *
Are you willing to sign an NDA? *
NDA stands for "Non-Disclosure Agreement". Ours is a simple, straight-forward document that signifies an agreement between VUE and yourself, stating that you will not share any information about the specifics of Duo's design / function until it has become public knowledge.
Do you regularly use both flowers and concentrates for your medicating routine? *
If you use both concentrates (wax) and flower (buds) within a weeks time, you qualify for the "most of the time" option. If only once in a blue moon, you qualify for the "Sometimes" option.
Do you ever feel that you need a stronger dose, than concentrate or flower can individually give by themselves?
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Would you be willing to travel to Rhode Island for the beta test?
This is purely for planning out the tests.
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Could you provide your name + email address + state you live in? *
This is simply to keep ourselves organized and help us orchestrate the beta tests. This will inform the dates of the beta tests.
Is there an ideal month for you to conduct the test?
This may be tough, but if there is one month which is more free, just select that one. We will reach out with more specific prospective dates.
Would you be willing to conduct an in-person exit interview after testing Duo? *
This will be a few simple questions to gauge your experience with Duo. While we would love to let testers borrow the prototype and live with it (the ultimate beta test), we simply cannot do this at our current stage.
Will you stay in touch with us?
We would love to stay connected after our test period is complete. There will potentially be further beta tests as our development continues, and we would love to see how you feel about our development as it happens. Our first customers are our most important ones, and we want to ensure we have all your feedback in mind when developing Duo through to production. :)
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Do you have any questions for us? Is anything unclear?
Please write any concerns you may have and one of our members will be in touch with a response as soon as possible.
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