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About the event (Part 1)
'Open Shell farm' is a Permaculture demonstration site of swaYYam, set in a picturesque location at the foothills of the Nilagiris, 5.5 hours from Bangalore and 2 hours from Mysore. Open Shell farm today is bustling with over 4000 local, drought-tolerant tree saplings and over 400 species of mixed forest, timber, fruit, medicinal and fibre trees, shrubs and bushes. Started in 2014 what was a denuded, subsoil exposed, overgrazed land, today, is abound with a multitude of species of birds, insects, butterflies, reptiles with peacocks and wild hare as our gular visitors and occasional sightings of elephants and wild boars outside the site. Permaculture and regenerative principles were applied over these years to the land to conserve water and soil and regenerate the ecosystem. Today, about 70% of our food needs come from this land and we’re still ‘learning by doing’….

The key to any regeneration is the wise management of water. One can witness the extensive water harvesting principles and techniques applied on the farm site thus making it an ideal learning site.

swaYYam is registered as a trust under the Government of India. It is a not for profit organisation and the proceeds from these events, after meeting costs, go towards our community based ecological regeneration and the 1000-tree project in the Village. Any additional contributions will be very much appreciated.

In this 3-day residential workshop, you will learn from water experts and our experiences on water conservation.

Topics covered in the course :

• 5000 years of Indian water traditions and current paradigms
• Natural water cycles, groundwater and its hydrogeology
• Influences of Climate change on global water
• Rainwater harvesting – Urban and Rural
• Greywater – getting it back into the cycle
• watershed analysis and management.
• Rehydrating the earth
• The importance of trees, biomass, ground covers and living soils
• Permaculture earthworks: swales and ponds.
• Rainwater harvesting – experiences and examples
• Hands-on activities and design experiments
• working with water harvesting designs
• Examples and analysis of local village projects

26th – 28th July , 2019
swaYYam, Yelachatti, Hangala Hobli, Gundlupet Taluk Chamarajanagara districtKarnataka 571111India
11.650626, 76.705892
Gyan Sagar and Malvikaa Solanki
About the facilitators

Gyan was born in 1954 on a small English dairy farm and had a career as a land surveyor and cartographer.
He studied organic farming, permaculture, groundwater management and rainwater harvesting in Europe, Australia and India. He facilitated at Bhoomi College, Bengaluru on organic farm design. He has a deep passion for water, in all her forms and flows and believes that to restore our human relationship with this life-giving fluid, we need to return to our older ways of pujas and meditations upon all the five elements: Prithvi, Jal, Agni, Vayu and Akaash.

He quotes the words of Rajendra Singh (known as the Waterman of India): "We need to have both a full scientific knowledge about water, as well as 'interiorise' her qualities with respect and contemplation". The quote he strongly believes and brings in his works.


Malvikaa has spent her early years in a village, raring silkworm, milking buffaloes, sowing paddy, growing melons and bananas. Later on, she lived in the city wading through the city life till she realized it was time to move back to the land, back to the roots. In the city, she worked with nonprofits at the policy & grassroots level, mostly with women and children on issues of ecology, environment, livelihood, health and gender. She worked as a research scholar at the Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore, while doing her master's degree, studying the ecology of lakes and water bodies.

She did her 1st Permaculture Design Course with Geoff Lawton in 2013 and subsequent ones with Rico Zook and Narsanna Koppula. She did her Permaculture Teachers’ Training with Rosemary Marrow in 2018. She has been teaching Permaculture & Regenerative farming drawing from her real-life experiences on the Open Shell Farm. She is a Permaculture designer, teacher and consultant.

She founded swaYYam in 2011. She has been living and working on the Open Shell Farm since its inception in 2014. She’s currently working with the local community on the 1000treeproject in the village where she lives.

Rs. 6500.

(Your fees goes towards funding our community project - 1000treeproject)

Account number: 100901002008
IFSC code: ICIC0001009

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: Please send us an email with the subject stating "July 26th - Surviving our water crisis" and send your transfer details for us to confirm your registration.

Registering for the course will only reserve your space but it is not secured until payment is made.

We are limiting the course to 15 participants on a first come first serve basis. As soon as we fill these numbers, registrations will close.


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+91 9591245575 (If above number is not reachable)

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