CT and HH Application - Summer 2020
Please complete this application form if you're interested in working at Four Winds as a Counselor Trainee (CT) or Helping Hand for Summer 2020.

You must submit the form in one sitting, so we encourage you to read through the questions, save your answers in a separate document and then copy/paste them when you are ready.

The timeline for the CT/HH application and decision process is as follows:

* Applications must be submitted no later than November 15, 2019
* References must respond to their online form no later than December 1, 2019
* Phone interviews with applicants will be scheduled once both references are received
* Paul and Danielle will make final decisions after all interviews are complete
* Decision phone calls are scheduled to be made before January 10, 2020

Have more questions about the application process or the program itself? Check out the FAQ page:

Parents please note that CT and Helping Hand applicants themselves should handle all aspects of the application; seeking out and following up with references, corresponding with Danielle and managing deadlines. As part of our evaluation of maturity and readiness for these leadership positions, we will be taking note of which applicants are able to handle these pieces on their own. We also consider their recommendations, the application itself, the interview, their previously demonstrated leadership potential while camp, in addition to their prior experience working with children and/or leading others in their community.

Please begin by entering your email address below. We look forward to receiving your application!
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