COVID-19 Workload and Instructional Support Survey#2
This survey is a follow up to our first survey in Spring 2020 on workload and instruction support reimbursement. Please complete this survey even if you responded to our survey in Spring.

If you feel that you have performed work in addition to your assignment due to the move to online courses, or if you have unreimbursed expenses for necessary instructional resources due to the move to online teaching, please complete this brief questionnaire.

UC-AFT has filed a union grievance (not individual) on every campus in order to preserve our members' rights to compensation for additional work and reimbursement for expenses resulting from COVID related online teaching. We have also filed an unfair labor practice charge for the University's refusal to follow their legal obligations with respect to the contract. Our hope is that resolution of the grievance and ULP will lead to a process where individuals can submit claims for compensation and reimbursement.

UC-AFT will not submit a claim within this grievance on your behalf without your consent. Responding to the questionnaire will not be considered consent to submit a claim on your behalf. Our hope is to establish a process under which individuals can submit claims or to reach agreement on a per lecturer per course allocation.

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Has your workload increased as a result of the shift from in-person to online course formats?
If yes, for each course, please estimate the amount of additional hours per week you spend designing instructional materials/curriculum, developing website content for the online version of your course, troubleshooting your own technology issues. (I.e, Chem 125, 4 hours per week more than in person version)
Are you spending more time each week interacting with students and dealing with student issues than you would in your normal in-person course?
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If yes, for each course, please estimate the total number of hours per week of additional interaction with students?
If yes, please describe the additional interaction required with students in order to maintain the quality of your online courses.
Please provide any additional relevant information about the increase to your workload.
Have you incurred any out-of -pocket instructional support expenses as a result of the shift from in-person to online course formats? See list of instructional support expenses in Article 8.
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If yes to the question above, please list the items you purchased and their cost.
Have you requested reimbursement for these items?
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If yes, was your request approved or denied?
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Did your department communicate with you how to seek reimbursement? If a policy was cited, please include in next question.
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Please provide any additional relevant information about costs incurred due to necessary instructional support resources.
If our union negotiates compensation for additional work and/or reimbursement for instructional support expenses, would you submit a claim for consideration?
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If no or maybe above, please let us know your concerns.
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