Jericho Walk
We invite you to join us as we prayer walk around the city of Casper. Just as the Israelite's took Jericho we want to intentionally possess the spiritual realm of Casper through prayer.
Each section is approximately 6 miles long.
Section A uses the trails between Morad Park and Soccer Fields on Beverly St. - this section is perfect for families as it avoids most traffic.
Section B is from Beverly through Evansville to Wyoming Blvd and 15th Street - this section is great option for adults, families with older children - moderate traffic.
Section C is from 15th Street on Wyoming Blvd around to Morad Park - this section has heavy traffic and we suggest adults only.
Whether you can take one of the designated sections or just a portion your neighborhood, please fill out the form detailing where you will be prayer walking. You choose the day or days, and whatever time fits your schedule. We ask that you contact Kim by text (307-251-3813) when you have finished your selected section. We invite you to walk, run or bike as long as you are covering our city with prayer as you go. If on your appointed day, you can only do a part of your selected section, please let us know as others may be willing to partner together to get the sections covered.

On the final, 7th day, Sunday August 25th, we will all complete our selected sections no later than 10:00 am so that we can all come together at HOPE for a celebration service. Just like the Israelites shouted on the final day and watched the walls fall down, we will gather and raise a shout of praise to the Lord as a prophetic declaration that the Kingdom has all authority over our city. Following a worship service, we will share lunch together at HOPE.

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