Talent Strategy Audit
People are a company's #1 expense and #1 asset.

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How often does your executive leadership team formally meet to discuss Talent Strategy? *
Do you know how to craft the perfect job description? *
Do you track talent acquisition metrics (i.e. average time to hire, close ratio)? *
Do you know the stakeholders for each position you're interviewing for and have well-documented consistent steps in your vetting process? *
Are you using interviewing best practices and are they well-documented and followed by all people involved in the interview process? *
Do you have an end-to-end checklist for all candidate touchpoints in the hiring process? *
Do you use dedicated, trained stakeholders in your vetting process? *
Do you consistently use a shared and agreed upon scoring system for all candidates? *
Do you have a comprehensive reputation management action plan to address social media reviews (i.e. Glassdoor)? *
Do you know the daily/weekly/monthly costs associated with an open position? *
Do you have an agreed upon list of red flags to look for with candidates? *
Do you know the most effective ways to leverage reference checks? *
Do you use back-channeling as a part of your vetting? *
Do you have a detailed variable (commissions, bonuses, equity) compensation model documented to share with candidates? *
Do you consistently distribute a candidate experience survey for all interviewees? *
Do you consistently build a strong candidate bench? *
Does your company have a well-documented plan for Diversity & Inclusion? *
How often do you audit your onboarding process? *
Approximately how long does your onboarding process take? *
Do you have a pre-start date onboarding checklist? *
Do you have a comprehensive onboarding playbook (i.e. e-learning tool)? *
Do you have a consistent, documented welcome strategy for day 1? *
Do you have a well-documented training process followed by hiring managers for week 1 and week 2? *
Do you announce new employees on social media? *
Do you give a comprehensive company overview to new hires (org charts, responsibilities, goals, mission, strategy)? *
Do you use (and share) employee KPIs? *
Do you know the daily/weekly/monthly costs associated with a poor performing employee? *
Do you have a formal mentor program? *
Do you have a well-documented offboarding program? *
How often do you audit your retention strategy? *
Do you track your employee turnover rate (by department, manager, job function, location)? *
Do you have an on-going, documented training and development process in place? *
Do you have a team integration strategy? *
Does your company implement whole employee programs, including well-being? *
Do you have education or incentive programs? *
Do you organize creative offsite team building exercises? *
Do you have a clear directive on how to address toxic employees? *
Do you have employee recognition programs? *
Do you consider employee reassignment over termination? *
Do you collect, assess and act on data gathered from employee surveys on an on-going and consistent basis? *
Is there anything else you would like to share with us about your Talent Strategy?
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