black flag theology volunteer team
dear comrades,

black flag theology (bft) began in 2012. i needed to find an outlet to work out my own theology and politics. my writing has slowed down quite a bit, but i plan to pick it up again. and i have this idea for a black flag theology 2.0 and expand it include to more voices.

currently, bft has over 800 followers on facebook and 200 subscribers on wordpress, where it's hosted.

the purpose of bft has always been to:
- oppose all forms of oppression (racism, sexism, homophobia, colorism, hierarchy, transphobia, classism, etc.)
- support intersectional leftist movements
- amplify empire-critical and historical-critical readings of scripture
- practice love and justice

i'm looking for volunteers to help with social media, creating content, editors, and any other gifts you'd like to share. although we cannot pay you at the moment, i wanted to see if we could practice mutual aid.

we will plan too to have a monthly video meeting.

if any of this interests you, please fill out the form below.

brother timothie (he/him)

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