Ciudad Juarez Reclassification Project
This form has been created to gather insights on the digital narrative of feminicidios in Ciudad Juarez. We live in the age of big data and digital truths: we wanted to see what truths we could gather through the study and the analysis of data.

Please feel free to use this form to share and send us any pictures of text you find online about feminicidios in Ciudad Juarez. We understand that the press interest is now on Mexico City and Puebla and we are working on that too. However, for now, we want to create a vertical search engine that will help archive and retain information on feminicidios. We understand that it might sound redundant but feminicidios have been accused of being a "myth", outcome of marianismo and/or machismo, something we must learn to live with. We do not want that.

If you want to share any documents that are in pdf, mp4 , mp3 or paper copies, please get in touch through our website We will send you the link to upload anything you feel might be relevant to this research project.
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Image-specific questions
In this section we ask you to look specifically at any images that you can see/find on the source you are sharing with us.

The first set question will seek to identify the so-called "salient object". You will be asked to specifically look at who/what is in the picture. Is it a pink cross? is it a body? something else? is it a march or an exhibition?

The second set of questions, instead, will ask you to pay attention to the background. Where is the image set? is it in an urban landscape or is it in the desert? Is it somewhere else, if so, where?
Salient object
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