Is now the time to retreat?
Congratulations! You made it! We're glad you're here. By making it this far, it means you're committed. That you love yourself and value your self-care.

You know the importance of slowing down. Of relaxing and finding peace in the present moment. You know how great it feels when you feel truly connected.

The only question? How are you feeling right now?

Are you feeling a bit off? Noticing the self-talk getting fresh? Starting to wonder when you'll feel back to your normal self again?

Maybe you're even starting to feel that now is the time for a reset?

How do you know when you need a reset? When you need to retreat?

When is it the time? To give yourself the self love and complete rejuvenation that comes from retreat?

Look within and ask yourself. What do you need, right now? Trust your inner guidance. Even when scary. You can always trust your gut. Your intuition is what connects you to your greatest self and beyond!

For the moment, relax! Want to have some fun? We're about to play a little game!


Take a deep breath, give yourself a big smile, and let the fun begin!

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We appreciate you!
We're happy you're here. Your insights are important! We are just like you. We want very similar things. Whatever you say, whatever you want, whatever you need. We will listen! Thank you in advance, for sharing your brilliant insights!
Let the games begin!
Only one rule: Answer fast, no thinking! Trust your gut.
Ready? You're going to have fun! You''ll be amazed what you discover about yourself!
What level is your yoga practice?
Just getting started!
Others might whisper the word, "mastery."
How often do you practice yoga with loved ones?
How often do you keep your awareness in your body?
You can have your awareness in your body?
I am one with my body.
Want to go a little deeper?
You are doing great! The quicker you answer, the more connected you become with your inner guidance!
Generally, how relaxed do you feel?
Tense. All over.
Feeling calm, open, and ready to adapt!
In your body, do you feel better every day?
Feeling less great daily.
Yes! Every day, getting better!
Mentally, are you thinking clearer every day?
Feeling less great daily.
Yes! Every day, getting better!
Are you feeling deep soul fulfillment every day?
Feeling less fulfilled daily.
Yes! Every day, getting better!
How important is meditation?
I don't need it. Who else would?
Would you recommend meditation to loved ones?
Feeling connected?
Do you want to feel even deeper?
In general, how connected do you feel with yourself?
Not connected at all.
Joyful harmony!
In life, how connected do you feel to your greatest self?
Not connected.
I am GREAT! Always.
Do you easily connect with others?
Not really.
Always! I love connecting with others!
Your inner conversations.
What you tell yourself, you become.
Does your self-talk sometimes say less than productive things?
How often does your inner voice need a "shush"?
More often than I'd care to admit.
My inner voice is always blissed out!
Are you feeling confident in what you're doing to "shush" the voice?
Can you tell when you need to retreat?
How often do you need a retreat?
Why would I need a retreat?
As frequently as possible!
Having fun?
Smile! You're almost done!
Do you agree you're awesome?
Just how awesome?
Don't click here.
Do you recognize that you're perfect, just the way you are?
Are you ready to give yourself the ultimate gift of love?
If the retreat were free, would you attend?
Is now the time to give yourself the gift of retreat?
Are you ready to learn more?
Can we contact you?
Congratulations, you won!
You won! Were you surprised? Who said winning had to be hard? You are a champion. Champions win. That's what they do. That's what you do.
What Did You Observe?
Fun little ride? Notice a few things? Why not take a few moments to write them down on paper?
Questions, Comments, Observations?
Your answer
Thank You!
You are awesome! We greatly appreciate your time! Your answers make a difference!

Enjoy the ride? Who do you know would love to play? The more you share, the greater that is shared with you!

Thank you, again! May the rest of your day be MAGNIFICENT! You deserve it!

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