Online Multitasking Fast-Test
At how many tasks (from one or multiple projects and/or from the daily normal work) you or other colleagues typically work at the same time or in parallel? This corresponds with the number of tasks assigned to a colleague or team member.
What is typical when executing tasks?
The project plan takes into account that an employee cannot actually process two tasks simultaneously.
How are strategic priorities used?
How do you manage the operational priorities?
How do operational priorities change?
That senior executives have to intervene in operational prioritization occurs...
For the next two questions, imagine the following situation:
In your department or company, everything remains exactly the same, but with one exception: your project has the highest priority and is the only active project.
All necessary resources / experts are available immediately. Tasks only start once the previous task(s) is completed and with high-quality. You also can deliver work without any issues – there are a lot less mistakes and fire-fighting. Also the administrative overhead has virtually disappeared.
All are focused on this project only. So all the negative symptoms have disappeared! The project runs optimal, fast and with minimum efforts.
In your opinion, how much of today's project durations could be "saved"?
What % of the effort could be eliminated, caused by non-value add activities, issues or problems?
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