Fotopro Seminar by Matt Payne
Get Started with Photo Printing
Matt Payne
29 March 2021, 08:00 PM EST

After registration, you will receive the Zoom invitation link and password about 2 days before the seminar.

In this presentation, Matt will get you excited for printing your photography by covering basic and intermediate tips and tricks to get you well on your way to producing stunning prints. Matt will cover:
• The benefits of printing your work
• How to pre-visualize prints in post-processing
• Tricks to preparing files for printing
• The differences between digital viewing and printed viewing
• Color spaces
• Working with labs
• ICC Profiles
• Monitor Calibration

About Matt Payne
Matt Payne is a landscape photographer living in Durango, Colorado, USA. Much of his photography has focused on his life-long goal to climb the one-hundred highest mountains in Colorado which he completed in 2017. Matt is a co-founder of the Nature First Photography Alliance. Matt hosts a weekly podcast dedicated to landscape photography called “F-Stop Collaborate and Listen,” where he has meaningful conversations with other landscape photographers all over the world.
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