Minions Application
About us::

Minions is a 3 days progressive guild based on Twisting Nether formed by Romanian players on early 2015 that want to raid together in a relaxed yet competitive environment.
Even if our core is formed by Romanian guys with great experience in raiding we do recruit all nationalities in order to keep our raiders focused and constantly improve themselves. Competition generates progress.
We have a very nice community , we spend hours on discord doing raids , alt runs , mythic+ or just talk about the game but our main focus will be progress and full mythic content clear.
We aim to keep our raid time as stretched as it can be with only ~8hours per week on mythic and in order to achieve progress we demand full knowledge of your class , proper raid preparation and tactics. For that we offer a stable community with experienced officers always ready to help and guide during progress.

Notable achivements:

Cutting Edge Xavius
Cutting Edge Helya
Cutting Edge Argus

We already start to make plans for 8.2 and we recruit all class/specs. Testing will be done on Mythic/HC farm prior to 8.2 release in order to setup a good group before patch hits.

>>We recruit!<<

>>Raiding Schedule:<<

Wednesday 19:30-22:30 ST
Thursday 19:30-22:30 ST
Monday 19:30-22:30 ST

Sunday 19:00-23:30 is dedicated for heroic / alts and is optional.

Discord - - join recruitment channel and wait for an officer.

Expirat#21646 # Expirat in-game
Razu#21908 # Rázu in-game
Wraither#2267 # Rhaegoris in-game

Email address *
Name main char , class and spec // We accept one main alt. *
Age , nationality *
Armory Link *
Battletag *
Warcraftlogs link , logs or anything that can backup you experience as a raider. *
Reason to join us ? What do you expect and what do you offer? *
We are looking for a stable and small roster during progress , in order to achieve this we require 90%+ attendance during raid days. How much do you play? *
Make sure you check wowprogress for details. Add one of the officers btag and feel free to chat in game for further details.
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