The Future of PNI and the PNI Institute
Please help us think about the future of participatory narrative inquiry.
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Describe your CONNECTION to PNI. How does it relate to your work and/or learning?
Has the PNI Institute ever been USEFUL to you? If so, how was it useful? If not, how could it have been useful to you?
Have you ever participated in a PNI Institute Zoom CALL? If so, what was that like for you? If not, what would make you want to join a call?
If the PNI Institute had an online FORUM, what would make you want to join it and participate in it? What would make you want to avoid it?
If the PNI Institute published a peer-reviewed JOURNAL, what would make you want to read it? Write for it? Ignore it?
If the PNI Institute ran a CONFERENCE, what would make you want to join it or stay away?
Would you be willing to pay annual DUES to help the PNI Institute run a forum, journal, and conference? If so, how much would you be willing to contribute? If not, what would change your mind?
Is there ANYTHING ELSE you would like to say about PNI and the PNI Institute? Any suggestions or advice for the future?
Thank you! :-)
Thank you so much for answering our questions. You are invited to join our discussions about the future of PNI and the PNI Institute. They will start on the second Wednesday in January at 2pm New York time (check for the Zoom link). You can also email me (Cynthia Kurtz) directly at
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