Relationship Satisfaction Test
Answer these questions and I will email you back 3 things..

1. A copy of all the statements below and your responses so you can refer to them later.
2. A summary of other people's results, so you can see how your numbers compare with other people round the world
3. A free e-book which is not available elsewhere on this website

The questions...

Rate the following statements by putting a number between 1 and 10 in the box below each statement.So you might type the number 10 if you do this a lot, 5 if you do this fairly often, and 0 if it never or very rarely happens

For example..

"My partner and I spend quality time together"
[ 6 ]

Note: Your test results will be kept confidential: no-one else other than me will see what you typed here

My partner and I spend quality time together
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We laugh and joke with each other
Your answer
We tease each other compassionately
Your answer
We spend time cuddling together
Your answer
When I'm upset with my partner, I can express clearly how I feel without blaming, and my partner doesn't respond defensively
Your answer
I can ask my partner for what I want, and he/she agrees to provide that, or we come to a compromise I'm satisfied with
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I am satisfied with my sex life
Your answer
Our sex life is better than it ever was at the beginning
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Finally, rate your level of satisfaction with your relationship out of 10
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