Real Estate Career?

Are you interested in learning more about a Real Estate career? We're looking for motivated individuals who are willing to work hard and be part of a professional team. A career in Real Estate provides outstanding income potential, as well as flexible hours and the opportunity to build a long-term, sustainable business. We're here to help. You'll get:
• Pro-Start training with Windermere – helps you get familiar with forms, tools and techniques
• Ninja Selling four day course – built by the most productive real estate firm in America – this will put you on the track to success in year one
• Weekly Staff meetings keeping you up to date on any changes in the industry, new forms, best practices and inventory updates
• Monthly One-on-Ones with your Managing Broker to keep you on track to success
• National Trainers brought in to teach specifically to our company
• In-house professional photographer to put your listings in the best light possible
• Attorney on retainer for those legal questions and sticky situations
• Nicest office space in Skagit County
And much, much more...

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