Critical Issues in Psychology Survey
The following questions are designed to tell us something about your perspective on critical issues in psychology. The responses you give to this survey will be anonymous and confidential. You are not required to identify yourself in any way.

You are not required to complete the survey. If you wish, you may withdraw your participation at any time.

When answering questions please choose the option that best represents your opinion. Even though the options provided may not represent your view accurately, we would still like you to choose the best option available.

You are:
Question 1: Memories are located in the brain.
Question 2: On a scale of 1-7, how confident are you of your answer to question 1 above?
Very unconfident
Very Confident
Question 3: Psychology is a science.
Question 4: Depression is an illness.
Question 5: Intelligence is measured by IQ tests.
Question 6: All mental phenomena are ultimately brain phenomena.
Question 7: Psychology is the study of:
Question 8: We must know what something is BEFORE we can determine if it exists.
Question 9: What beauty is to you may be different than what beauty is to me.
Question 10: In psychology, we know what depression is.
Question 11: Santa Clause exists.
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